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The Mission Statement.

The Youth and Parenting Department of the Mattituck-Laurel Library serves children from birth through 12th grade, parents, caregivers, and professionals working with children. Our goal is to provide quality services and programs in an effort to meet the informational, academic, and recreational needs of our young patrons and families.  To transform lives by providing global access to information and to nurture children to become lifelong library users. 

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Youth and Parenting's Room Staff

Youth and Parenting Department Head
Karen Letteriello

Teen Department Head
Sara Colichio

Dorothea Clarke
Drew Hahn
Elizabeth Grohoski
JoAnne Hruz
Lily Perez

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What is available in the Youth and Parenting's Room?

We have many resources available to patrons of the library. Items include books, CDs, Video games, DVDs, and audio books for children. We have a large parenting collection which contains both nonfiction and fiction books on an array of topics as well as picture books to help parents explore sensitive issues with their child. With your Mattituck-Laurel Library card the following unique items are available for borrowing: a metal detector, 3 backpacks full of books and dvds on the topic of 'First Day of School'.

 There is a Toddler Area filled with board books and toys which help promote fine & gross motor skills and encourage creativity. These toys include sewing cards, puzzles, coloring sheets, blocks, puppets and a train table. For parents, we also have wireless internet accessible laptops for in room use.  We now also have a calculator for in-house homework use and a charging cable that fits most phones for emergency charging.

Our designated technology area houses a 3D Printer and smart table. Both of these items were donated through the Ira. A. Roschelle Foundation.  Technology to borrow while at the library include 6 preloaded ipads, 6 laptops, phone charges and a calculator.  The laptops have Minecraft loaded and borrowers may play on our accounts.


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What are the "Golden Rules"?

Here at the Library we try to be accommodating to our community. We get to know our patrons and do the best we can to make them feel at home. BUT...We do have our own set of "Golden Rules" to live by in order to ensure the Health and Safety of all Library Users.

  1. You may not leave your child alone in the room if he or she is 11 or younger. The Library Board Policy states no child may be left alone in any part of the library if they are 11 or younger. The library is not responsible for any children of any age left unattended in the library. The library is a public place and safety is always our first concern. Please remain with your children.
  2. Please wear your shoes at all times. We cannot guarantee there is nothing hazardous (like a staple or thumbtack) on the floor which may injure a barefoot.
  3. Please do not eat/drink in the Youth and Parenting's Room. It keeps us from cleaning up sticky messes and worrying about hypersensitive food allergies. Please do not bring the coffee, tea or hot chocolate from the newspaper area into the Youth and Parenting's room. You will be asked to move into another part of the library. The library is not responsible for burns from hot drinks.
  4. Please clean up the Toddler Area after playing with the toys.  We provide many different toys and activities for your fun while here.  Please help us and clean up when you are through.
  5. Do not climb the shelves. We have stools to help you reach the high shelves. If you are still unable to reach, you can ask a librarian for help.
  6. Do not run. Its dangerous. Run outside, you'll have more room.
  7. Do not use the Handicap Button or elevator unless you need it. In order to make the library accessible to all patrons we are fortunate to have Handicap-Friendly automatic doors. Unfortunately, over-use and abuse of these features lead to expensive maintenance. Parents with strollers are exempt.
  8. Return materials on time. It's frustrating for everyone when borrowed material is overdue. If you return your materials on time it will save you from incurring fines Returning items on time allows materials to be borrowed by the next person.
  9. Please try to show up to programs on time. We all run late from time to time. But it makes life easier and our programs better if we can start on time. If your child arrives late we are more than happy to see them however, they will have missed part of the story, songs, finger plays, etc.
  10. Laptop usage. Laptops are for children and parents with children present only.  You must have your library card to borrow the laptops.  If you wish to watch movies or listen to music we ask that you use headphones to not disturb other patrons.  Laptops may only be used for an hour and a half and then we will ask that you return it. All laptops must be returned 15 minutes before closing and can not be borrowed during that time.
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Can I sign up for programs if I do not live in Mattituck or Laurel?

Yes, you can sign your out-of-district child up for our Programs. Programs are available first to Mattituck and Laurel Residents. Your child will be placed on the waiting list and if there is space available, you will receive a call that they may then join the program. 

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What is a Family Place Library?

A Family Place Library is a center for early childhood information, parent education, emergent literacy, socialization, and family support. Expanding the traditional role of Youth and Parenting's services, the Family Place builds on the knowledge that good health, early learning, parent involvement and supportive communities play a critical role of children's growth and development. Family Place Library Staff, trained in developmentally appropriate and family support practice, leverage the resources of the library to effectively serve young children and families.

Key Features of A Family Place Library Include:

  • Developmentally appropriate programming for young children and their parents/caregivers
  • A specially designed space for young children and their parents/caregivers
  • Collections of books, toys, audiovisuals and other materials for babies, toddlers, parents, and family service professionals.
  • Access to electronic resources that emphasize emergent literacy, reading readiness and parent education.

The Parent/Child Workshop is the core program at each Family Place Library. This program brings together toddlers and their parents in an informal, interactive setting with professionals from local agencies such as child care centers, hospitals, speech, clinics, universities, public schools and health departments. It emphasizes and supports the role of parents as first teachers, facilitates early intervention and literacy through modeling and referral to information and community resources.

Learn More about Family Place Libraries here

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What is the laptop service all about?

Surf the web, read your email, play games, or listen to music using headphones. Remember that anyone can use the laptops. With that in mind all work is wiped when laptops are shut down and can not be recovered. When printing or saving is required, please ask a librarian for assistance. We have flash drives available to transfer documents. As always we ask no food or drink in the Childrens or Tween room or anywhere near the laptops.

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Who may use the laptops?

Only children may use the laptops or parents with a child present. You need not be a Mattituck-Laurel Library patron to use a laptop.

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How may i use a laptop?

You will need to present your library card to use a laptop.

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When may I use the laptops?

Laptops may only be used for an hour and a half and then we will ask that you return it. All laptops must be returned 15 minutes before closing and can not be borrowed during that time.

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Where may I use the laptops?

When using the laptops we ask that you remain in the Tween area. As always we ask no food or drink in the Tween room.

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The library has several Minecraft accounts preloaded on our laptops for in-library use.  The library also has a server for a safe online minecraft experience for both in-library use and for play at home.  More information on this topic is located HERE.

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Smart Table

The library has purchased a Smart Table thanks to a grant from the  Ira A. Roschelle MD Family Foundation . The Smart Table is a Collaborative Learning Center that is used with your fingers.  We ask that you watch your children when using the smart table and that no food or drink be near the smart table.   It will be located in the Youth and Parenting’s Department.

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Tablet loaning rules.

The tablets may only be used in the Youth and Parenting's room.  To borrow any tablet you must present us with your current library card and stay with your child as he or she uses it.  The ipads are loaded with child friendly apps, some informative and some just for fun.

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