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Soup's On!


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 Soup's On

On a cold winter's day nothing is better than a good bowl of soup Why not read a good book about soup or maybe read Stone Soup and it's million variations.



Picture Books

Seaweed soup
Y 511.322 MUR
As he asks more and more friends to join him for lunch, Turtle must make up sets of dishes to accommodate them.

Making minestrone
A lively group of children pick the ingredients to make soup from their garden.

There are no ripe pumpkins for Cat, Squirrel or Duck to make their favorite soup. Duck refuses to eat all their experiments until Cat and Squirrel find a way to trick him.

Pumpkin soup - Español!
The Cat and the Squirrel come to blows with the Duck in arguing about who will perform what duty in preparing their pumpkin soup, and they almost lose the Duck's friendship when he decides to leave them.

Growing vegetable soup
A father and child grow vegetables and then make them into a soup.

Soup day
 A mother and child spend a snowy day together buying and preparing vegetables, assembling ingredients, and playing while their big pot of soup bubbles on the stove.

Soup for one
Bright colors, sly humor, and a fun seek-and-find element are all contained within this book about one little fly who thinks he's getting a big bowl of soup all to himself.

Chicken soup with rice : a book of months
A small boy describes the activities that accompany chicken soup with rice in each month of the year.

Duck soup
Maxwell Duck is trying to invent a soup that everyone will remember him for, but when he goes out to look for the missing ingredient and his friends show up, they think he has fallen into the soup.

Chicken soup
When they hear that Mrs. Farmer is making soup, all the frightened chickens run for their lives, but Mr. Farmer finds Little Chickie, who has a bad cold, and he takes her to the kitchen for some nice hot vegetable soup.

There's a Fly Guy in my soup
When Fly Guy is not allowed in the restaurant with Buzz's family he follows his nose and ends up in the soup.

Mr. Putter & Tabby stir the soup
Mr. Putter and Tabby go to their neighbor's house to make soup, but Zeke the dog makes it very difficult for them.


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Stone Soup and it's million variations

Stone Soup : an Old Tale - Español!
Y 398.2094 FRANCE BRO
When three hungry soldiers come to a town where all the food has been hidden, they set out to make soup of water and stones, and all the town enjoys a feast.

Fandango Stew
Y 398.2097 US DAV
Penniless Slim and his grandson Luis ride into the unwelcoming western town of Skinflint, and manage to rustle up a delicious meal for all its citizens out of one lone bean.

Bone soup
Y 398.2094 FRANCE EVA
In this retelling of the classic tale, Stone Soup, a ghostly traveller tricks a town's witches, ghouls, and zombies into helping him make a Halloween feast.

Some friends to feed : the story of Stone Soup
Y 398.2094 GERMANY SEE
A poor but clever traveler finds a way to get the townspeople to share their food with him in this retelling of a classic tale, set in Germany at the end of the Thirty Years War.

The Real Story of Stone Soup
Y 398.2095 CHINA COM
When a crew of Chinese fishermen forget to bring cooking utensils with them, they find creative ways to make do with what they have and what they can find.

Burgoo stew
Y 398.21 PAT
 In this variant of "Stone Soup," old Billy Que tames a group of rough hungry boys.

Fox Tale Soup
In this version of the familiar tale, a hungry fox tricks some barnyard animals into contributing the necessary ingredients for making his delicious stone soup.

Kallaloo : a Caribbean tale
In this retelling of "Stone Soup" set in the West Indies, an old woman claims to have found a magic shell that can make kallaloo, a popular Caribbean soup.

Cactus Soup
During the Mexican Revolution, when a troop of hungry soldiers comes to a town where all the food has been hidden, they charm the townspeople into helping make a soup from water and a cactus thorn. Adaptation of Stone Soup.

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