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Our Server!

Photos of our World!

Download our World!  (3/16 world from version 1.9)  Zipped for your convenience.  If this is confusing you can bring in your own laptop and we can assist you in downloading our world.

Great Minecraft Links

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Our Server!

The Mattituck-Laurel Library is whitelisted and is vanilla survival.  We are not using bukkit (for now) and any griefing or bullying will result in removal from the whitelist.  If you would like to be added to the whitelist, please call us at (631) 298-4134 line 2 and tell us your name and username! 





Great Minecraft Links!

  • Banners - Create banners easily through command blocks.
  • JSON Creator - Wanna do use commands blocks the easy way or make a command book?
  • Fireworks Generator - Just create, copy into a command block and you are good to go.
  • Furniture - How to make some minecraft blocks look like house furniture.
  • Minecraft Guides - Various interesting how-tos, including make your own mini-games and pixel art.
  • MCStacker- Allows you to spawn multiple custom mobs on one spot.
  • MineDraft - Useful for planning out your master build first.
  • Minecraft Summon Command Generator - Create your own custom mob with command blocks or even custom mob spawner.
  • Mojang - The games offical blog.
  • Planet Minecraft - Loads of skins and world downloads.
  • Superflat Preset Generator -  Copy and paste the code into the world generator superflat customize screen.
  • Trap Tutorials - See something on our server that was super sneaky? Wanna learn how to build it?








Minecraft is the fun new activity at our library!  Play here with our library accounts or download our world from our site and play at home with your own account!  Check back often to see new updates to our downloadable world.  New in-game minigames, puzzles and structures.

How to download a custom world

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Check our the Mattituck-Laurel Library's Minecraft Livestream